Wireless, Digital Pumpjack Dynamometer and Rod Rotation Monitor Field Case

  • Technical Session Six: Disruption in Energy Systems
  • May 29, 2019
  • 4:00 pm - 4:30 pm

WBPC 2019 Abstract #34

Hawkiiii has developed an industry first ultra low power, ultra compact, wireless dynamometer and rod rotation monitor for the purpose of pumpjack optimization. The wireless pods are mounted on the carrier bar and walking beam to send load and position data which is translated into a subsurface diagnostic (“pump card”), and rotation data via bluetooth to a smart phone, tablet, or remote terminal unit (RTU). Pump card data is used to optimize the well and reservoir performance – pump off the well, manage reservoir pressure, plan pump changes for minimal downtime, etc. The data is also used to detect failure events – parted rods, production impairments from debris/fluid, etc. Hawkiiii brings the latest digital technology to the oilfield with high accuracy, high resolution data for better operational decisions.  High resolution data is also a precursor for machine learning implementation, which analog data simply cannot match. The Hawkiiii system can easily integrate with existing pump off controllers whereby displacing the wired sensors and inputing load and position data to the controller via the Hawkiiii RTU. Wireless technology minimizes well downtime and cost due to the reduced installation time and labour requirements, ultimately driving down operational expenses and boosting uptime.

A field case study will be presented showcasing the quick and simple installation and configuration, in addition to a summary of the increased operational efficiency, and saved opex and capex.