Partial Upgrading at SRC: 35 Years of Expertise

  • SRC Technical Theatre - Exhibit booth #126
  • May 29, 2019
  • 12:45 pm - 1:05 pm


SRC’s Energy Division has been instrumental in transforming some of the world’s most challenging oil and gas opportunities into some of its most valuable reserves. We are now a full generation into our mission to support and sustain our clients with world-class technology, services and solutions.

SRC has been active in relevant technology development and demonstration for over 35 years, surpassing any other Canadian research and technology organization. We’ve tested many unique approaches, funded primarily by heavy oil producers seeking the right technology path. More recently, we have worked with small and medium enterprises, piloting technologies and driving demonstration-scale verification activities.

In 1981, upgrading research focused on low-cost upgrading of heavy oils. Producers realized that commercial processes were uneconomic. This fostered an interest in more innovative approaches.  Interest in partial upgrading has recently been reinvigorated due to the lack of pipeline capacity. SRC has worked with clients on diverse partial upgrading technologies ranging from studying hydrocracking additives to unique approaches such as using supercritical fluids, high energy plasma, ionic liquids and cavitation.

In this presentation, learn how SRC’s expert team combines research and real-world industrial process development. We will share non-confidential results and insights into past and present projects, demonstrating how we help clients advance novel partial upgrading technologies.