Leveraging Data as an Asset

  • 2019 Technical Conference Program
  • May 29, 2019
  • 2:30 pm - 3:00 pm

WBPC 2019 Abstract #28

Co-Author: Niall Wilson, Senior Engineer, Mera Group Corporation


It is no exaggeration to say that data has become one of the most valuable resources for many companies.  With an ever-changing market, profit margins become leaner, forcing organizations to adapt.  In the current climate, businesses are optimizing their workforces and looking to gain advantages with available resources.  The Oil and Gas industry is realizing the significance of data and beginning to leverage it to enhance productivity.

An organization can have a variety of data streams including operational real-time data, financial forecasting, and historical asset health.  Often these data streams are isolated, but significant advantages can be realized by combining them at an enterprise level for a holistic view.  Find out more about increasing organizational capabilities by leveraging data as an asset from Mera Development Corporation.