Game Changing Advances in Large Scale Temporary Power Systems

  • Technical Session Six: Disruption in Energy Systems
  • May 29, 2019
  • 3:30 pm - 4:00 pm

WBPC 2019 Abstract #19

Advances in large-scale temporary natural gas power plants are changing the way oil and gas companies plan new construction and expansion of existing projects in remote areas of North America. From the Permian Basin to the Williston Basin, from Multi-Well pads and gathering sites to cryogenic gas processing facilities. Case studies will illustrate examples of sizable projects that were brought online almost a year ahead of permanent utilities being available. First of it’s kind SCADA systems on a 42MW gas power system brings to life a massive new gas processing facility in West Texas. 14MW of LNG power enables a Bakken midstream company to begin operations far ahead of the gird. Wet gas is treated and harmonic issues are resolved to provide 100% uptime to a multi-well pad in the Bakken.

An investment analysis of temporary power systems vs. waiting for the utility grid to arrive. An overview of up-time reliability for engineered temporary power systems. Real-time 24/7 remote monitoring services with cutting-edge SCADA systems provide essential operational insights; including proactive failure avoidance, regular maintenance plans, urgent issue resolution. Custom-built SCR units have changed the game for large-scale temporary power plants, enabling operations to meet or exceed emissions regulations in the United States. The importance of certified grounding methods and processes is highlighted to provoke some need for standard changes in the temporary power generation industry.

A visual review of multiple example installs with drone videos helps to put the size of these projects into perspective.