Chemical EOR in Tight Oil Pools

  • 2019 Technical Conference Program
  • May 28, 2019
  • 11:30 am - 12:00 pm

WBPC2019 Abstract #15:

Chemical enhanced oil recovery (EOR) methods are proven to provide increased recovery factors over secondary water flooding, however they historically have required significant time and money up front before moving to the pilot stage. Flotek has developed a novel suite of products and has a scalable approach to implementing pilots that allows operators to start a pilot within a matter of months after collecting the initial samples for testing. All lab testing is done out of Calgary, and pilot set-up is as simple as a tank and a pump at the injector well head.

Flotek’s Complex nano-Fluid® (CnF®) additives act as a delivery platform for solvents and surfactants into the reservoir for enhanced water flooding. They enhance fluid mobility and improve injectivity through changes in interfacial tensions and surface wettabilities. They are unique in the fact that they use both solvents and surfactants, allowing incremental recovery to be seen through multiple mechanisms. The surfactant component provides a lower interfacial tension, reducing residual oil saturations, while the solvent component dissolves or softens organic deposits and can alter the wettability. CnF®’s are delievered via a micro-emulsion, and the nano sized droplets allow it to treat large surface areas and flow through tight pore throats.

To date Flotek has implemented more than 15 enhanced water flooding pilots, with 7 of these being located in Saskatchewan in the Viking, Lower Shaunavon, Midale, and Bakken formations. Pilot results have been quite encouraging to date with significant improvements in oil-rates and cuts, along with increased injectivity.