Best Practices for Flowline and Pipeline Integrity Management in the Williston Basin and Beyond

  • 2019 Technical Conference Program
  • May 29, 2019
  • 8:30 am - 9:00 am

WBPC2019 Abstract #2:

 With upcoming changes to regulations for flowlines in Saskatchewan, operators have an increased focus on ensuring they have not only identified their current infrastructure, but also on demonstrating that they have programs in place to effectively manage the associated risks. These requirements for integrity management programs are not unique to Saskatchewan; they have similar applications to pipeline integrity across the Williston Basin within both Canada and the United States.

In this presentation, Explore Inc. and GDM Pipelines will share insights and best practices from over 10 years of experience in pipeline integrity management. We will outline our proven 5 step approach that includes identifying your pipeline inventory and its current state and developing and implementing a pipeline integrity management program. These steps then move into applying that program to manage integrity through best practices in monitoring and mitigation, compliance and risk reporting, and understanding the requirements of the lifecycle of your assets. We will also discuss supporting technologies and data that are available to help identify, capture and monitor information related to managing your asset infrastructure and applying your pipeline integrity management program.