Trent Marx

President and CEO at Resource Energy Solutions

Trent is passionate about innovation and improvement of value generation, while building industry leading solutions to transform the digital energy sector and help companies excel. Since taking over in 2004, Trent has been leveraging his background in mechanical engineering and business, superior client service skills, and industry experience as President & CEO at Resource Energy Solutions. The foundation for Trent’s success is built upon 18 years’ of integrated supply chain management, employment with CAE and SNC-Lavalin; significant leadership acumen; as well as extensive hands-on experience with IT software development, deployment & hardware utilization. Trent has been a past Board Member for ACG Calgary, Governor of the Canadian Energy Executive Association as well as Director of the Airdrie Oilmen’s Association. Trent is proud to have served as business representative on the steering committee for The City of Calgary’s IT Transformation Guiding Coalition, and is currently sitting on the SAIT Energy Asset Management Advisory Board.