Phil Anaquod

Indigenous Relations and Community Consultant

An Indigenous professional with experience in various modes of organizational development, community consulting, leadership training, program facilitation and communications. More than 30 years in leadership, consulting, and junior, middle, senior management roles. Experience includes analysis, organization, planning and consensus building abilities with effective problem resolution, negotiation and relationship management skills. Facilitator and trainer with a diversified background over the past 25 years plus. Recognized for creating stimulating and interactive learning and discussion environments, encouraging participation and individual contributions, and providing effective, clear and concise information in formats that promote high retention levels.  


Attended commission and planning board meetings to supply detailed technical background for developmental plans with various agencies and communities. Met with clients and clientele to determine scope of project and analyze current systems and procedures. Met with program / project coordinators to determine event parameters and formulate initial plans. Developed trust, personal rapport, and strong working relations with various communities, agencies and staff. Conducted surveys of operations to assess needs and identify high priority improvements. Completely restructured operations, discontinuing declining areas and bolstering areas with the greatest potential. Engineered new processes to support restructured organization. Employed project management and organizational skills to motivate and coordinate teams. Designed activities and modeled behaviours to demonstrate supportive teamwork.  

Industry & Community Relations:

Engaged and conducted community engagements and consultations with Potash Projects in Saskatchewan with Indigenous Stakeholders in the potash belt of Saskatchewan. Conducted TLU and TK studies with the various communities and their representatives. Sat with various Indigenous Government Councils both with the First Nations and Metis numbering 28 communities in southern Saskatchewan. Interviewed more than 300 Elders for Traditional Land Use and TK studies and surveys. Engaged in northern Saskatchewan communities with various projects in the Peat Moss Industry, Sask. Power and Sask. Tel. Engaged with multiple communities in the Oil and Gas industry in Alberta, Saskatchewan and the Hydro in Manitoba. Engaged with communities with the Nuclear Energy in Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec. Developed relationships with many of the Chiefs and Councils across Canada on a personal level as well as many Metis Nation Area Directors in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario.