Larry Young

Founder & CEO at Total Containment Inc.

Before moving to Alberta in 2013, Larry lived and worked in Saint John NB. In 2013 Larry felt the same pull to the West that many “East Coasters” do, he decided to head West in search of opportunity. Larry was intending to find work in Oil and Gas, but with little experience, he knew it would be difficult. Never one to shirk from a challenge, shortly after arriving in Edmonton, he found himself in corrosion/coatings, with Oil and Gas first and foremost as a client. It didn’t take long for Larry to learn the tools he would need to design, create and test “The Envirolock System”, a “Pipeline Leak Containment System” for pipelines. The “Canada East Pipeline” is a very important project to Larry, and part of the reason the Envirolock System was created. The “Canada East Pipeline” leads directly to his hometown and is a large part of the solution to the employment issues in the East. Larry feels the potential economic impact of that pipeline on NB is huge and desperately needed and means even more to Canada as a whole, pipelines are the vessels that carry our resources and help contribute to the lifestyle and future of Canadians.