Gavin Jensen

Senior Research Petroleum Geologist at Saskatchewan Geological Survey, Government of Saskatchewan

Gavin Jensen is a Senior Research Petroleum Geologist with the Government of Saskatchewan (Saskatchewan Geological Survey). Gavin holds a bachelor of science with a specialization in geology from the University of Alberta (2003) and he completed his Masters in Science at the University of Alberta (2007). His research interests include regional hydrogeology, hydrochemistry, CO2 EOR, and economic minerals in brines. Gavin has been involved in numerous phases of the Weyburn-Midale CO2 EOR and Storage Project, and the Boundary Dam Aquistore Project. He has also investigated the potential for CO2 EOR and storage in depleted oil pools in Southeastern Saskatchewan. More recently, Gavin has been involved in the research for the support of lithium production from saline brines for the use in Li-ion batteries.