E. Craig Lothian

CEO, Keystone Royalty Corp. and Executive Chair, Lex Capital Management Inc. at Keystone Royalty Corp. and Lex Capital Management Inc.

Mr. Lothian obtained his B.A. (1986) and LL.B. (1988) from the University of Saskatchewan and rose to partnership of a Regina law firm prior to entering the energy business. Prior to founding Lex Capital in 2009, Mr. Lothian founded a series of private oil companies, serving as CEO of the first three and then Executive Chair of the fourth. Those companies (Keystone Energy Inc., Keystone Energy Corp., Villanova Energy Corp. and Villanova Resources Inc.) sold for collective proceeds of in excess of $300 million and generated a 3.7X return for investors in the initial capitalization of those companies.

In 2010, Mr. Lothian was a founder and Executive Chair of Villanova Oil Corp. (an investee of LCP and LEP), which was initially capitalized in July 2010 and sold in April 2013 to Legacy Oil + Gas Inc. for $124 million. Mr. Lothian was most recently a founder and Executive Chair, and then since September 2015, Acting CEO of Villanova 4 Oil Corp. (an investee of LEP, LEP II & LEP III). Villanova 4 (initial capitalization in July 2012) was sold in July 2018 to TORC Oil & Gas Ltd. for approximately $67 million.

In addition to being the majority shareholder and Executive Chair of Lex Capital, Mr. Lothian is currently President and CEO of Keystone Royalty Corp. (primarily a land and royalty company). In addition, he currently sits on the Boards of Lex Capital Corp. (a multi-family office), Jim Pattison Children's Hospital Foundation Inc. and Rising Star Resources Ltd.