David Chevrier

Senior Predictive Analytics Specialist at ISM Canada (an IBM company)

David Chevrier, P.Eng., has been working at the confluence of data, privacy, and advanced analytics for over a decade. As a Senior Predictive Analytics Specialist with ISM Canada, David works closely with client teams and delivery teams to bridge the gap between business challenges and technical solutions.
David brings his passion for continuous improvement as well as his thought leadership in emerging areas such as artificial intelligence, cognitive computing, IoT, and Blockchain. David's combination of far-reaching experience coupled with his deep expertise in analysis enables him to occupy a unique position at the table: he can provide both the detailed knowledge necessary to collaborate with other specialists as well as the broad perspective required to help surface underlying assumptions and identify far-reaching implications.
Away from the office, David enjoys reading, playing board games, and spending time with his wife and two young children.