May 27 - 29, 2019 | Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

2017 Presentations

​Oral Presentations




Jeffrey Bader North Dakota Geological Survey Geology of Saltwater Disposal into the Lower Cretaceous of the Williston Basin, North Dakota and Canada 
Karen Bolton Government of Saskatchewan, Government Relations Proponent Handbook - Voluntary Engagement with First Nations and Métis Communities to Inform Government’s Duty to Consult Process
Jean Chen Government of Saskatchewan, Ministry of the Economy

Overview of Saskatchewan Petroleum Research Incentive (SPRI)

Fred Czubba

Automation X Engineering and AXE Consulting Ltd. The Intelligent Oil Field and Advanced Production Automation - The Challenge
Dustin de Yong Montana Department of Commerce Montana Oil and Gas Industry 
Michael Elliott Energy Real Estate Solutions Oil Optimism and Real Estate    
Tyler Klatt and Devon Griffiths Granite Oil Corp. Petroleum Geology and the Implementation of a High-Pressure Gas Injection EOR; Alberta Bakken, Milk River area southern Alberta
Osman Salad Hersi and Jason Bot University of Regina Tectono-eustatic Controls on the Depositional Setting and Stratigraphic Evolution of the Late Jurassic Vanguard Group, SW Saskatchewan
Michael Hofmann University of Montana An Outcrop Analog for the Williston Basin Bakken Hybrid Play, the Sappington Formation in Southwest Montana: Facies, Stratigraphic Architecture, and Controls on Porosity Distribution
Jen Holmstadt WSB and Associates Geohazard Risk Assessments: A Geomorphic Method
Kelvin Knorr Saskatchewan Research Council, Energy Division Gaps and Challenges for Light and Tight EOR   
Dan Kohlruss Government of Saskatchewan, Ministry of Economy Structural and Stratigraphic Controls on Hydrocarbon Accumulations in the Viking Formation, West-central Saskatchewan
Bethany Kurz Energy & Environmental Research Center, University of North Dakota Trends in Bakken Water and Oil Production
Mark Lenko Canadian Discovery Ltd. Productivity and Recovery: Type Curves and EURs in northern Williston Basin
Jim Linnell and David Hanly SaskPower Overview of Market for CO2 in the Williston Basin for EOR, in Terms of Demand, Supply of CO2 and Barriers to Development 
Doug MacKnight Government of Saskatchewan, Ministry of the Economy Saskatchewan Regulatory Update
Chris Martin, Chad Wocken and Jivan Thakare  Energy & Environmental Research Center,
University of North Dakota
Bakken Production Optimization Surface Facilities
Sheldon McKee AMGAS Services Inc. Technological Advances for Improving Desulphurization of H2S from Sour Crude Oils and Process Waters       
Petro Nakutnyy Saskatchewan Research Council, Energy Division New Approaches and Tools for Light and Tight EOR  
Michael Nelson Government of Saskatchewan, Ministry of Economy Evaluating Production Performance from Horizontal Well Refracs in Saskatchewan
Timothy Nesheim North Dakota Department of Mineral Resources North Dakota Oil and Gas Industry Outlook
Timothy Nesheim

North Dakota Geological Survey Examination of the Red River (Yeoman-Herald Formations) Petroleum System
Daniel J Skoreyko

University of Alberta Hydrogeology of the Bakken Formation and the Relation to Production Behaviour
Stephen Sonnenberg Colorado School of Mines Sequence Stratigraphy of the Three Forks and Bakken Formations, Williston Basin, USA
Jim Sorensen Energy & Environmental Research Center, University of North Dakota EOR in Unconventionals
Kevin Spicka Ecolab Company Squeezing the Bakken: Successful Scale Squeeze Programs Lead to Shift in Bakken Scale Control
Andy St-Onge PFS Interpretations Ltd. Characteristics of the Great Plains Polygonal Fault System within the Williston Basin
Trystan Wall

Production Plus Energy Services Inc. How Slug Flow Mitigation Can Simultaneously Increase Production and Improve Well Production Economics in the Williston Basin
Melinda Yurkowski Government of Saskatchewan, Ministry of the Economy Saskatchewan Oil and Gas Industry Outlook

Poster Presentations



Alexander Calkins

Novel technique for clean diesel fuel from waste oil

Zehua Chen

Optimization of the Reduced Temperature Associated with Peng-Robinson Equation of State to Improve Vapour Pressure Prediction for Heavy Hydrocarbon Compounds

Yanan Ding

Determination of Effective Forces and Torques for Jam Release during Workover Operations in Directional Wells

Zhaoqi Fan

Characterization of CHOPS Processes by Use of A Pressure-Gradient-Based Wormhole Growth Model

Hyun Woong Jang

A Power-Law Mixing Rule for Predicting Apparent Diffusion Coefficients of Binary Gas Mixtures in Heavy Oil

Liwu Jiang

Performance Evaluation of Hydraulically Fractured Horizontal Wells in a Tight Formation by Coupling Fluid Flow and Fracture Mechanics

Yurong Jin

Optimization of Dissociation Front for Hydrate Development by Combining Depressurization and Hot Water Stimulation

Songyan Li

Performance Evaluation of CO2 Huff-n-Puff Processes on Heavy Oil Recovery under Reservoir Conditions

Scott MacKnight

The Lodgepole Formation Souris Valley Beds: Key Sedimentological Features Used to Characterize Source Rocks and Self-Sourced Unconventional Reservoirs

Xiaoyan Meng

Determination of Dynamic Dispersion Coefficients for Particles Flowing in Different Geometries

Smruthy Ravikumar

Separation of Oil from Produced Water by Adsorption on Pinecone Powder

Elysia Schuurmans

Occurrence and Petrographic Characteristics of Paleosols in the Lower Waseca Formation, Saskatchewan

Yu Shi

Effect of Viscosity and Heterogeneity on Dispersion in Porous Media during Miscible Flooding Processes

Yu Shi

Non-equilibrium Phase Behaviour and Mass Transfer of Alkane Solvent(s)–CO2–Heavy Oil Systems under Reservoir Conditions

C. Su

Analytics of Production Decline for Multistage Hydraulically Fractured Horizontal Wells (MHFHW) in Unconventional Reservoir Development

Leng Tian

A Dynamic Model for Predicting Reserves of the Gas Reservoir with Water Invasion 

Lei Xiao

Characteristic Correlation between Induced Stress and Transient Pore Pressure Change in Multistage Fractured Horizontal Wells

Jian Zhao

Experimental and Theoretical Evaluation of Solid Particle Erosion in an Internal Flow Passage within a Drilling Bit

Min Zhao

Preparation and Characterization of Chemical Agents for Injectivity Improvement in Low Permeability Reservoirs

Zulong Zhao

A Mechanistic Model for Oil-based Cement Slurry Flow through Fractures in Carbonate Reservoirs

Sixu Zheng

Enhanced Heat and Mass Transfer for Alkane Solvent(s)-CO2-Heavy Oil Systems at High Pressures and Elevated Temperatures