May 27 - 29, 2019 | Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

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Presentation Title

James Baker JP Baker Management Inc. Oil by Rail...SE Saskatchewan and Beyond
Cliff Barratta Encapso Driving Efficiency with Encapsulated Drilling Lubricants: Technology for Operational and Economic Improvements
Stephan Buckingham  and Mike Murray Basin Concrete and Trucking, ATEK Access Technologies Wireless Tank Monitoring in the Oil Fields 
Mike Blair Crescent Point Energy Upper Shaunavon Geology Revisited: Evidence for a Mixed Carbonate-Siliciclastic Barrier Island System in the Greater Rapdan Area of Southwest Saskatchewan
Peter Budgell National Energy Board Ultimate Potential for Unconventional Petroleum  in the Bakken Formation of Saskatchewan
Matthew Burton-Kelly Energy & Environmental Research Center, U of ND Identifying Residual Oil Zones in the Williston and Powder River Basins Using Basin Modeling
Tony Cadrin Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists Cycles in the North American Oil and Gas Industry
Zhuoheng Chen Geological Survey of Canada An Integrated Approach for Assessing Unconventional Petroleum Resources: a Case Study of the Devonian-Mississippian Lower Middle Bakken Member, Saskatchewan
Gökhan Coskuner Husky Oil Operations Limited Enhanced Oil Recovery Potential of Lloydminster Heavy Oil Reservoirs
Andy Craven Grit Industries Inc. Heating Oil in a Vertical Heater Treater without a Fire Tube
David D’Alessandro Stinson Leonard Street, LLP FERC and The Pipelines: Making Growth Work
Ed Dancsok Saskatchewan Ministry of the Economy The Implementation of IRIS at the Government of Saskatchewan and What It Means to the Oil and Gas Industry
Sven Egenhoff Colorado State University How Anoxic are Black Shale Settings? Views from the Upper Bakken Shale as a Possible Answer
Tom Foster Saskatchewan Industrial and Mining Suppliers Association Opening Remarks for Supply Chain Session
Shawn French Profire Energy, Inc. Managing Chemicals: Why Chemical Injection Management?
Shawn Green Ferus From Flare to Fuel: Using Flared Gas as Compressed Natural Gas to Fuel Operations
Russ Gross Horton Inc. Fan Clutches for Cold Environments
Steven Hawthorne Energy & Environmental Research Center, U of ND Can We Translate High Oil Recoveries from Bakken Rocks in the Lab Using Associated Natural Gas and CO2 to the Field?
Brad Herald Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers Economic Outlook for Canada's Energy Sector
John Herrmann TenCate Geosynthetics Americas The Use of Innovative Geosynthetics to Substantially Reduce Access Road and Well Pad Costs
Mike Herrmann and Ken Elliott  Legacy Risk Solutions, LLC Environmental Liability Mitigation for the Bakken
Chad Hyslop US Ecology Radioactive Waste Transportation and Disposal
Keith Lowdon Manitoba Mineral Resources Manitoba Oil and Gas Industry Outlook
Kendra Meeker Halker Consulting ‘Future Proofing’ Oil and Gas Installations Against Regulatory Changes Throughout the Site Development Lifecycle
Aenida Morris-Melvin Baker Hughes Increase Oil Recovery Using Crosslinked Gels to Block Waterflood Hot Streaks
Scott Mundle Chemistry Matters "Geo-CSI" in the Oil Patch  – How Advanced Geochemistry Solves Real World Problems
Petro Nakutnyy Saskatchewan Research Council Effective EOR Technologies for Tight Oil Reservoirs
Steve Nordeng University of North Dakota A Plea for a Standardized Three Forks Stratigraphy
Phil Richards Chemistry Matters Geoforensic Chemical Analysis of Oil Samples from the Madison Group – What Can It Tell You?
Alison Ritter North Dakota Department of Mineral Resources North Dakota Oil and Gas Industry Outlook
Mark Salkeld Canadian Petroleum Services Association Canadian Petroleum Services Association's 2015 Drilling Activity Forcast
BK Sekar Lightstream Resources Innovative Unconventional EOR: An Unconventional Tertiary Recovery Approach to an Unconventional Reservoir
Tanya Shanoff Stantec Consulting Services Emergency Response Case Studies: Prevention, Preparation, Response and Restoration in Action
Stephen Sonnenberg  Colorado School of Mines The Giant Continuous Oil Accumulation in the Bakken Petroleum System, Williston Basin
James Sorensen Energy & Environmental Research Center, U of ND Reservoir Characterization and Modeling to Examine the Potential for CO2 Storage and Enhanced Oil Recovery in the Bakken Petroleum System
George Sutherland Canadian Petroleum Training Institute Technology Challenges for Oil and Gas Companies that Provide Opportunities for Suppliers
Heidi Tillquist Stantec Consulting Services Prioritizing Risk for Pipelines Using Geographic Information Systems
Jeffrey Voorhis HY-BON Engineering Best Practices for Vapor Recovery Systems to Reduce Venting and Flaring
Mike Vukman Stantec Consulting Services The Importance of Geomorphic Risk Assessments Along Proposed and Existing Pipelines
Tom Wilson and Dan Johnson Blue Bull LLC Effectively Eliminating H2S in an Environmentally Friendly Way
Melinda Yurkowski  Saskatchewan Ministry of the Economy Petroleum Geology of Saskatchewan - 101
Melinda Yurkowski Saskatchewan Ministry of the Economy Saskatchewan Oil and Gas Industry Outlook


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2013 Technical Progam

Presenter Affiliation Presentation Title
Ryan Axani PetroBakken Energy Ltd.

Fracture Avoidance in the Bakken Formation: A Viewfield 
Crater Case Study

Stephen Bend University of Regina ‘New Light through Old Windows’: a Geochemical and
Petrographic Review of the Upper and Lower Bakken,
Southern Saskatchewan 
Matt Bjorum Corpro A New Coring Technology to Quantify Hydrocarbon Content
and Saturation
Mitch Carlson SaskEnergy Natural Gas: The Competitive Advantage over Traditional
Nancy Chow University of Manitoba Resource Potential of the Devonian Winnipegosis and
Duperow Formations in Southwestern Manitoba  
Trisha Curtis Energy Policy Research Foundation, Inc. How the Game has Changed: Infrastructure Challenges
and the North American Petroleum Renaissance
Sean Frisky Ground Effects Environmental Services Frac Water Management Through ElectroPureTM
Dr. Jay Goldfarb Big Sky Energy Advisors Evaluating Undeveloped Bakken Reserves: the Importance
of a Statistical Approach for Investment Decisions
David Hammermeister MNP Tax Planning for Freehold Mineral Owners
Chris Hawkes University of Saskatchewan An Overview of Rock Mechanical Factors Affecting
Petroleum Development in the Williston Basin
Gary Hyer CanGas Solutions Flare Gas Capture – Lessons Learned
Gavin Jensen Saskatchewan Ministry of the Economy Site Characterization and Seismic Monitoring for the
IEA GHG Weyburn-Midale CO2 Monitoring and Storage
Dan Kohlruss Saskatchewan Ministry of the Economy Well Stimulation Observations in the Viewfield Bakken
Pool  – What is the Production Telling Us?
Bethany Kurz Energy & Environmental Research Center An Overview of Hydraulic Fracturing
Raye Lahti AMEC Geophysical Methods Applied For Cost-Effective
Site Assessments
Tibor Lengyel University of Alberta Geothermics of the Phanerozoic Strata of Saskatchewan
Keith Lowdon Manitoba Innovation, Energy and Mines Manitoba Oil and Gas Industry Outlook
Peng (Mars) Luo Saskatchewan Research Council Geochemical and Geophysical Implications of CO2 
Flooding for Bakken Reservoirs
Anatoly Melnik WorleyParsons Hydrogeology of Shaunavon Formation: Regional
Evaluation of Hydrodynamic System and
Hydrocarbon Migration
Timothy Nesheim North Dakota Geological Survey Geology and Hydrocarbon Potential of the Black
Island Formation, Winnipeg Group (Ordovician)
in North Dakota
Stephan Nordeng North Dakota Department of Mineral Resources South Dakota and Montana Oil and Gas Industry Outlook
Dean Potter Elkhorn Resources  Whirlwind Tour of Drilling Activity in the Williston Basin 
Alison Ritter North Dakota Department of Mineral Resources North Dakota Oil and Gas Industry Outlook
Janz Rondon Schlumberger Case Study: Channel Fracturing Provides Production
Benefits while Reducing Risk and Using Less Resources
Bernie Ryma Engineering Consultant Conservation of Associated Gas in Southeastern
Saskatchewan (A Research Study for the
Ministry of the Economy)
Jim Sorensen Energy & Environmental Research Center COEnhanced Bakken Research Program
– Summary, Status, and Future
John Styles Auburn Energy Inc. How to Drill a Well and Get It on Production
Cosima Theloy Colorado School of Mines Integration of Geological and Technological Aspects
and their Influence on Production in the Bakken Play,
Williston Basin 
Debby Westerman Saskatchewan Ministry of the Economy PRIME 2.0: What’s Next for the Saskatchewan
Ministry of the Economy’s Oil and Gas Business
Process and Systems Renewal Project
Neil Wildgust Petroleum Technology Research Centre Application of the PTRC’s Enhanced Oil Recovery
Research in the Williston Basin
Malcolm Wilson Petroleum Technology Research Centre Downhole Microsensors for Improved Hydrocarbon
Chad Wocken Energy & Environmental Research Center Utilization of Associated Gas to Power Drilling
Rigs – A Demonstration in the Bakken
Melinda Yurkowski Saskatchewan Ministry of the Economy Petroleum Geology of Saskatchewan
Melinda Yurkowski Saskatchewan Ministry of the Economy Saskatchewan Oil and Gas Industry Outlook
Brian Zaitlin Native American Resource Partners/Kainai Energy An Emerging Unconventional Hybrid Light Tight
Oil Play within the Southern Alberta Bakken-
Exshaw Petroleum System: A Comparison
between the Williston and Southern Alberta


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Monday May 2, 2011



Presentation Title

 Malcolm Wilson Petroleum Technology Research Centre PTRC, STEPS and EOR in the Williston Basin
 Lynn Helms North Dakota Industrial Commission North Dakota Oil and Gas Industry Outlook
 Darren Johnson

South Dakota Department
of Environment and Natural Resources

South Dakota Oil and Gas Industry Outlook
 John Fox Manitoba Innovation Energy and Mines Manitoba Oil and Gas Industry Outlook
 Melinda Yurkowski Saskatchewan Ministry of Energy and Resources Saskatchewan Oil and Gas Industry Outlook

 Emerging Technologies Session

 Peter Duncan Microseismic Inc. The Life of a Field Monitoring Array for the Sanish Field, North Dakota
 Tom Thomson Found Energy Recovering Waste Heat for Power Production
 Mars Luo Saskatchewan Research Council CO2 Flooding in Southeast Saskatchewan -
Proven Success Leads to Another Boom Era
 Melissa Frilot Weatherford Inaccessible Drilling Targets and Completions Operation Made Possible by the Alleviation of Torque and Drag
 Robert Ward Control Microsystems The Wireless Wellhead
 Heather Quale MERA Development Corp. Improving Equipment Reliability with Real-Time Data
 Tim Maloney Bakken Express LLC Overcoming Technical Hurdles to Economically Capture Flared Gas
Oil and Gas Basics (Public Session)  
 Melinda Yurkowski Saskatchewan Ministry of Energy and Resources Petroleum Geology of Saskatchewan
 Paul Mahnic Saskatchewan Ministry of Energy and Resources Crown Land Acquisition Processes
 John Styles  Auburn Energy How to Get a Well Drilled and on Production
 David Hammermeister  Meyers Norris Penny Tax Planning for Freehold Mineral Owners
 Don Thompson  Oil Sands Developers Oil Sands Production Facts
Geology Session
 Chao Yang Saskatchewan Ministry of Energy and Resources Oil Potential of the Birdbear Formation in Saskatchewan
 Stephan Nordeng North Dakota Geological Survey A First Look at the Resource Potential of the Tyler Formation in the Williston Basin of North Dakota
 Wanda Grisak University of Regina Petrography of Lower Shaunavon Formation Carbonate Reservoirs in Leichville/Bone Creek Pools and Adjacent Areas, Southwest Saskatchewan, Canada
 Pamela Fulton-Regula Manitoba Innovation Energy and Mines Amaranth/Spearfish of Southwest Manitoba
 Alireza Morshedian Simon Fraser University Depositional Architecture of the Lower Cretaceous Sparky, Waseca, and McLaren Formations, West-Central, Saskatchewan
 Dan Kohlruss Saskatchewan Ministry of Energy and Resources Stratigraphic and Facies Architecture of the Saskatchewan Oil Sands

Tuesday May 3, 2011

Michelle Nicolas Manitoba Innovation Energy and Mines Manitoba Geological Survey's Petroleum and Stratigraphic Investigations
 Jeff Ritter Saskatchewan Ministry of Energy and Resources  Saskatchewan Energy and Resources: PRIMED'd for the Future
 Mike Monea SaskPower Anthropogenic CO2 Sources in the Williston Basin
 Darren Schmidt UND Energy and Environment Research Centre Critical Applied Research for Williston Basin Producers
 Erik Nickel Saskatchewan Ministry of Energy and Resources Bakken in Saskatchewan: An Update
 Rob Mitchell Schlumberger Understanding the Complexity of the Bakken Oil Play
 Steve Sonnenberg Colorado School of Mines Petroleum Potential of the Upper Three Forks Fomation, Williston Basin, USA
 David Hume  Canadian Discovery Initial Observations on the Relationship of Bakken Stress Measurements to Well Production in the Viewfield Area of Saskatchewan



Click on the links below to view PowerPoint presentations from the 2010 Williston Basin Petroleum Conference.

Automation/Facilities Efficiency

Bakken Basics: Drilling, Fracing, Producing (How it Works) – Lynn Helms, ND Dept. of Mineral Resources; Larry Dokken, Frear Consulting; Tyler Dokken, Hess

Risk Strategies for Independents – David Lazarus, Macquarie Bank Limited 

Williston Basin Outlook

  • Saskatchewan – Melinda Yurkowski, Saskatchewan Ministry of Energy & Resources
  • Manitoba – John Fox, Manitoba Innovation, Energy and Mines
  • Montana – Tom Richmond, MT Board of Oil & Gas Conservation
  • South Dakota – Mack McGillivray, SD Dept. of Environment & Natural Resources
  • North Dakota – Lynn Helms, ND Dept. of Mineral Resources

Drilling & Engineering

Williston Basin Geology

North Dakota Resource Management – Panel/Discussions

Midstream Issues

General Education Session

Oil Sands Myth Busters – Don Thompson, Oil Sands Developers Group
World and North American Benchmarks
– John Kingston, Platts
Parshall Prospect
– Mike Johnson, Geologist, AAPG 2009 Explorer of the Year

Bakken/Three Forks Connectivity Study – Brad Aman, Continental Resources

Bakken Analysis Paper

A Basic Analysis of the Bakken Oil Boom: Precautions and Planning
By Laura Seifert, University of Minnesota


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Jane McLeod Saskatchewan Ministry of Energy and Resources 2008 Oil and Gas Activity Update for Saskatchewan
Keith Lowden Manitoba Science, Technology, Energy and Mines 2008 Oil and Gas Update for Manitoba
Lynn Helms North Dakota Department of Mineral Resources 2008 Oil and Gas Update for North Dakota
Gerald (Mack) McGillivray South Dakota Department of Environment & Natural  Resources 2008 Oil and Gas Update for South Dakota
Monte Besler Hohn Engineering 2008 Oil and Gas Update for Montana
Peter Taylor Enbridge Pipeline Inc. Enbridge's Williston Basin Pipeline Solutions: Continuous Change…Continuous Growth
Justin Kringstad North Dakota Pipeline Authority North Dakota's Pipeline Infrastructure and the Feasability of Transporting Bakken Crude in the Keystone Pipelines
Will Gosnold Universtiy of North Dakota Heat Flow and Thermal Maturity in the Williston Basin
Erik Nickel Saskatchewan Ministry of Energy and Resources Saskatchewan Exploration and Development Plays - More than just the Bakken!
Sid Leggett Husky Energy Inc. Geology of the Gull Lake North ASP Tertiary Flood, Upper Shaunavon Formation, Southwest Saskatchewan
Michelle Nicolas Manitoba Geological Survey Cretaceous Shale Gas Prospects of Southwestern Manitoba: Preliminary Results
Fred Anderson North Dakota Geological Survey Lineament Mapping and Analysis in the Northeastern Williston Basin of North Dakota
Steve Whittaker Petroleum Technology Research Centre Saskatchewan Phanerozoic Fluids and Petroleum Systems
Bob McKishnie Apache Canada Ltd. Update on the Midale Unit CO2 Miscible Flood Expansion Project
James Sorensen University of North Dakota, Energy & Environmental        Research Center The Plains CO2 Reduction (PCOR) Partnership: Activities and Results in the Williston Basin
David Hume Canadian Discovery Ltd. An Evaluation of the Unconventional Oil Resource Potential of the Bakken Formation in Saskatchewan and North Dakota (presentation not available)
George Hassler Tristar Oil and Gas Ltd. A Comparitive Analysis of Multi-Stage Fracture Stimulation Treatments within the Bakken Formation, Kisby Area, SE Saskatchewan
Doug McCrady XTO Energy Overview of Bakken Research Consortium, North Dakota
Ernest Gomez Schlumberger Data and Consulting Services Bakken and Three Forks Logging Acquisition for Reservoir Characterization and Completion Optimization
>Thomas Olsen Schlumberger Data and Consulting Services Stimulation Results and Completion Implications from the Consortium Multi-well Project in the North Dakota Bakken Shale
David Brimberry Marathon Oil Corporation Surface Imaging of Bakken Stimulation Projects Supported by ND Oil and Gas Research Council

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Hussam El Taki University of Saskatchewan, Dept. of Geological Sciences Tectonic Fabric and Fault Activity Revealed by Syn-
Sedimentary Deformation in Upper Ordovician Red
River Strata, Southeastern Saskatchewan
Chao Yang, Gavin Jensen, and Jason Berenyi Saskatchewan Ministry of Energy and Resources Distribution of Potash-Rich Members of the Prairie
Evaporite Formation in Saskatchewan
Julie A. LeFever and Stephen H. Nordeng North Dakota Geological Survey The Three Forks Formation - North Dakota to
Sinclair Field, Manitoba  
Stephen H. Nordeng and Julie A. LeFever North Dakota Geological Survey The Three Forks Formation Log to Core Correlation
Qin Xu and Guoxiang Chi University of Regina, Dep. of Geology A Diagenetic Study of the Mannville Group in the
Lloydminster Area, Western Saskatchewan
Badrul Imam, Guoxiang Chi, and Katherine M. Bergman University of Regina, Dep. of Geology Secondary Porosity Generated by Dissolution of
Grains, Cement and Matrix in the Lower Cretaceous
Viking Sandstone Reservoirs
Rodrigo Arrobo, Janis Dale, and Joe Piwowar University of Regina, Dep. of Geology Mass Wasting and Erosional Processes on the Moose Jaw River, Wakamow Valley Area
Igor Morozov University of Saskatchewan New Geophysical Attribute Maps of Southern Saskatchewan and Southwestern Manitoba
Ian McConnell Pro Technics, Div. of Core Laboratories Canada Ltd. Completion Diagnostics, Is it Your Completion? Or Is it Your Rock?



Presentations for this year are no longer available.


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Lawrence Anna

USGS Denver

Overview of the USGS Oil and Gas Assessment of the Williston Basin

Serguey Arkadakskiy

Isobrine Solutions

Fingerprinting Formation Waters Using Stable Isotopes: Applications to Petroleum Exploration and Production in the Williston Basin

Monte Besler  Hohn Engineering 2006 Oil and Gas Activity Update for Montana
Brian Brunskill Helix Geological The Geological Storage of Spent Nuclear Fuel and Depleted Uranium Beneath the Williston Basin
Ed Dancsok Sask. Industry and Resources Oil Sands in Saskatchewan - A Brief History and the Proposed Tenure Regulations for the Future
Mark Fedikow Mount Morgan Resources Ligand-Based Partial Extraction Of Soil Samples: An Innovative Approach To The Assessment Of Hydrocarbon Prospectivity

Chad Glemser

University of Saskatchewan

3D Characterization of Pore Geometry, Connectivity and Mineral Phase in Carbonates from the Weyburn Oilfield

Osman Hamid

University of Saskatchewan

In -Situ Stress Regime in Cretaceous-Age Strata of Southwest Saskatchewan

Lynn Helms North Dakota Department of Mineral Resources 2006 Oil and Gas Activity Update for North Dakota
Tracy Jungwirth Canadian Discovery Ltd. Canadian Williston Basin: Drilling Trends, 2003 to Present
Don Kent D.M. Kent Consulting Geologist Looking for Stratigraphic Traps in Under-explored Mississippian Rocks in Southeastern Saskatchewan
Walt Kordziel Schlumberger Horizontal Well Stimulation Applications in the Bakken
Larry Kovac Northrock Resources Red River Oil in the Minton Area

John Layman

Hess Corporation

Chasing a Giant - Assessing and Developing the Bakken Resource Play in the Williston Basin, North Dakota
Keith Lowdon Manitoba Dept. of Science, Technology, Energy and Mines 2006 Oil and Gas Activity Update for Manitoba
Ward Matheson Fugro SESL Geomatics Ltd. High Density LiDAR Surveying in the Oil and Gas Industry of Western Canada

Mack McGillivray                                 

South Dakota Dept. of Environment and Natural Resources

2006 Oil and Gas Activity Update for South Dakota

Ron Ness

North Dakota Petroleum Council

North Dakota Workforce Needs Assessment Results and 2007 Oil and Gas Industry Legislation

Erik Nickel Sask. Industry and Resources The Ratner Laminite: A New Potential Devonian Play as Outlined in Prospect Saskatchewan
Michelle Nicolas Manitoba Dept. of Science, Technology, Energy and Mines The Devonian Three Forks Formation: Manitoba’s Newest Oil Play

Steve Nordeng

North Dakota Geological Survey

Stratigraphic and Structural Framework of Recent Ratcliffe (Mississippian Charles Fm.) Production in McKenzie County, North Dakota

Keith Rispler

Halliburton Energy Services

Horizontal Well Stimulation

Steve Rymes Sask. Industry and Resources 2006 Oil and Gas Activity Update for Saskatchewan
Brad Shamla Enbridge Pipelines, Inc. Enbridge Pipeline Capacity Expansions - Benefits to the Williston Basin
Dan Themig Packers Plus Energy Services

Multi-Stage Fracturing of Horizontal Wells in the Bakken

Brad Wagner Sask. Industry and Resources Orphan Wells Legislation



Williston Basin U.S. Activity Update –
Lynn Helms, ND Department of Mineral Resources
Tom Richmond, Montana Oil & Gas Conservation Commission
Mack McGillivray, SD Dept. of Environment and Natural Resources, Oil & Gas Section
Saskatchewan Activity Update
Ken Kowal, Saskatchewan Industry and Resources, Petroleum and Natural Gas Division
Manitoba Activity Update
Carol Martiniuk, Manitoba Industry, Economic Development and Mines
Williston Basin Pipeline Capacity
Brian Johnson, Enbridge Pipeline
Keynote Speaker Monday Lunch
Jim_Brown, Vice-President Operations Whiting Oil and Gas
Regional Fluid Flow in the Williston Basin
Ben Rostron, University of Alberta
Enhanced Oil Recovery and CO2 Storage at EnCana's Weyburn Oilfield
- An Economic and Environmental Win-Win
Marty Hewitt, EnCana
Plains CO2 Reduction Partnership (PCOR)
John Harju, EERC
Oilfield Safety Leadership
Alex Sagebien, Amerada Hess
3D Seismic Attribute Interpretation in the Red River Formation
Mark Sippel, Luff Exploration
Coalbed Natural Gas Development
Bruce Williams, Fidelity
Shallow Gas in Southwestern North Dakota
Dennis Zander, Fidelity
Complete Well Data From Your Desktop
Bruce_Hicks, NDIC Oil and Gas Division
Evidence Linking Surficial Lineaments, Deep-seated Faults and Fracture-controlled Fluid Movement in the Williston Basin
Lynden Penner, J.D. Mollard & Associates
Update on U.S. Oil and Gas Proved Reserves, Highlighting the Contribution of the Williston Basin
Steven G. Grape, U.S. Dept. of Energy, Energy Information Administration, Office of Oil and Gas. Reserves and Production Division
Elm Coulee Oil Field (Middle Bakken Dolomite), Richland County, MT
Bill Walker, Headington Oil
Bakken Completion Considerations
Monte_Besler, Hohn Engineering
Mike_Eberhard, Halliburton
Walt_Kordziel, Schlumberger
Trent_Green, Pinnacle
Bakken Play
Julie LeFever, ND Geological Survey
A Status Report on Artificial Lift Systems and Challenges in North Dakota Horizontal Completions
Garth Hill, Amerada Hess
Role of Biogenic Gas Generation for Sustainable CBM Production
Karen Budwill, Alberta Research Council
North Dakota Oil & Gas Research Council Update
Dave Fischer, Technical Advisor
Eastern North Dakota Shallow Gas Potential –A Historical Perspective
Dave Fischer_1, Fischer Oil & Gas and Fred Anderson, ND Geological Survey
Business Models for Shallow Gas Development on the Margins of the Williston Basin
George Shurr, GeoShurr Resources
Shallow Gas Potential in Saskatchewan
Melinda Yurkowski, Saskatchewan Industry & Resources